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Study Law, Journalism, Engineering, Marketing, Finance, HR, Hotel management, Medical is a bonafide admission portal designed to ease out the application process for international students interested in applying for courses at the Mumbai University and affiliated colleges.It is a dynamic two-way interface that connects interested students to institutes willing to accept international applications.Upon registering, the students gain a free hand to view multiple options of colleges and courses. They can choose to send across their application to multiple institutes by suitably filling in the application form with all the required details, as well as attaching the required transcripts and documents as mentioned in the form.Upon selection, they can pay the admission/application fees online through the secured payment gateway provided by the portal.For the registered institutes, it gives them the convenience to reach out to a wide range of students, upload their application form, and there after screen applicants, confirm admission and receive payment online. Thus making application and admission process easy for both-the students, and the institutes.
Admission Desk is a online platform dedicated to guide worldwide students about various option of advanced education in India. Right from discovering the right course about the top MBA colleges in India, top engineering colleges in India, top universities in India or top hospitality colleges in applying to these institutions all is done with a simple click. It also helps you connect with current foreign students studying in India to share their perspective.

It is an easy way to find thousands of colleges across the country, learn more about their courses and apply to those using a single button. You don’t need to go and apply to every institute separately and dispatch thousands of papers. Admission Desk has a simple way where all these could be done digitally at a click of button thus making it simpler for the students and friendlier for the surroundings. Higherstudy in India with Admission Deskwill definitely give you an advantage while choosing your next destination for career formation.
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